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Industrial Mandara

  • The Industrial Mandara

    The Industrial Mandara used to deliver the Product to our Clients since long time and on consecutive basis on the best possible standard of more

We deal with Markets distributed in North Africa, West Africa, North America (USA) whereas for each market thereof we deal as follows:

  • For North Africa (Libya): We import for Libya Liquid milk and Dairy products, we have special trade mark printed on the 1 Liter of the long live sterilized milkpack, Haleeb Eltelal, and Haleeb El-Morouge
  • For West Africa we specialized in the importation of Sugar in 50 kg. Sacks, as well as the Powder Milk of 25 Kg pack.
  • For North America (USA) we deal with the exportation of Granada fruits from Tunisia and Morocco as well as the Tunisian, Libyan and Algerian Dates
  • Further, we are underway to import the long live (sterilized) Milk from Austria in special package in an annual bill of quantities of two million liter of long live (sterilized) Liquid milk.
  • Here are some statistical data for our activities throughout 2014:
  • Imported about 750 M/T of tomatoes paste.
  • Imported about 500 M/T of Tuna tins volume of 1.700 gram.
  • Imported 700 M/T of mozzarella cheese
  • Imported 1000 M/T of Cheddar cheese,
  • Imported210 M/T of Edam Cheese
  • Canada consume about 2000 M/T of dates
  • West Africa consume 30 thousand sacks of sugar (50 kg foe each sack)
  • We import fresh fruits such as apples(gala) , Pear, grapes (Victoria), Kiwi, Chestnut and Banana,
  • We import also Onions from Holland.
  • As the climate varies from region to another so that we import from Italy then we go to South Africa then we go to Latin America.