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Welcome MANDARA Food Ltd.

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Industrial Mandara

  • The Industrial Mandara

    The Industrial Mandara used to deliver the Product to our Clients since long time and on consecutive basis on the best possible standard of more



MANDARA Farms Firm deals with some Farms operating in West Africa, Libya, Tunisia, Canada, Ethiopia and Peru..

Welcome MANDARA Food

MANDARA is meant for an area in the farmland where the harvested crop is accumulated in a Pyramidal heap form, on a circular area. Usually this location is to be selected by an experienced old farmer, characterized byits reasonably height, its soil to be clayish in structure to prevent farm rats from digging deep through it towards the accumulated crop, tolerate the heavy treads of horses which move around the heap in a circular path on the crop in order to extract the grains out of parley or wheat spikes or corn cobs etc.

The Term MANDARA as we understood from the Ancestors in a n inherited term since long deep in the history.

We searched in Arab dictionaries but couldn’t reach to any construe to this Term name. May be of Barbarians(Amazigh) origin or abstracted from the ancient civilizations existed on Libyan territories such as Greece,Phoenician or Roman civilizations as the same term is used in regions around the Mediterranean Coast.

Accordingly, we have decided this term and hope to be admittable to our clients.


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MANDARA for Exportation ,Exports its Agricultural Products according to what we agree and contracting with our clients in advance whereas we export from Canada Legumes

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We deal with Markets distributed in North Africa, West Africa, North America (USA) whereas for each market thereof we deal as follows.

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Mandara Supply Service

The Mandara Supply Service affording the best quality Land Services to its Clients of 5 Stars, and 4 Stars Hotels as well as to Snack restaurants.